The procedure we follow is systematic and thorough and is conceived so as to help solidify a unified vision for the project while always keeping you and your needs at the centre of every design.



During the initial consultation we get to know you to better understand whether we are the right fit. We discuss your functional requirements as well as design preferences and this is the time for you to ask questions and clear up any doubts you may have about the design process.

Once we have acquired a deeper understanding of the nature of the project and your requirements, we will then share a fees quotation for the design work. This proposal will outline our scope of work in great detail and provide you with a clear understanding of all the services offered.


Design and Costing

The furniture layout is what creates the foundation for the entire design. We start the design process by exploring different internal configurations and give you multiple options to consider. We then review all the possibilities with you in detail to ensure that you select the option that meets all of your unique functional requirements.

Keeping your style preferences in mind, we present you with multiple design concepts for each area of your space. Each concept represents a distinct design direction so that you can better understand which style suits your taste and lifestyle. These are discussed with you in detail before a singlular design theme is finalized.

Once the concept is established, we create 3D models of the interior areas together with all the design elements, finishes, and furniture pieces. This gives you a realistic view of what your space will look like after the fit out has been completed.

To streamline and simplify the selection process, we assemble all the material samples for you in our office so that all materials and finishes may be reviewed simultaneously. This process enables you to visualize how multiple elements will integrate and eventually lends to a more cohesive and harmonious design.

Once all the design elements have been finalized, our skilled draughtsmen create detailed construction document sets which are then issued to the execution teams at the site. Combined with detailed material specifications, our thorough construction drawings leave no room for ambiguity ensuring smooth workflow and timely execution.

In the case of our turnkey contracting service, the detailed costing for the project is determined in tandem with the material selection and construction documents to give you a broad understanding of the project budget. This process helps to ascertain commercial viability earlier in the process and to minimise cost overruns.



Once on-site execution commences, we will schedule periodic site visits with you to review the construction progress and to address any questions or concerns that you may have. If you prefer not to visit the site, we will send you a detailed weekly progress report with photographs and descriptions to help you evaluate the advancements being made.

Individual furniture pieces can either be bought out or custom manufactured to suit the design style, size and budget. In the case of our custom furniture offering, these pieces are manufactured at our specialised partner workshops to the highest industry standards. In either case, all lead times are taken into consideration to ensure timely delivery and project hand over.

In the case of our turnkey contracting service, we ensure that quality is maintained every step of the way. Our trained and qualified site supervisors ensure that construction details and all brands used are as per the approved costing and construction documents and detailed reports are generated daily for our review and record. In the case of loose furniture, all furniture pieces go through our mandatory 5 step quality control process to ensure comfort and longevity.

The décor and styling phase is the high point of the project and marks the culmination of the interior design process. We will offer you our expert guidance in the selection of artwork, accessories, soft furnishings and rugs so that you can truly enjoy the home of your dreams.

Even subsequent to a satisfactory hand over, we will always remain available to you for the resolution of snags, support with vendors and for periodic maintenance.

Not in Delhi? Or prefer to Work Remotely?

From our office in Delhi, we have been designing luxury spaces across India and the Middle East for over ten years. If you are not located in Mumbai, or if you would prefer to work remotely, our competent team is extensively trained, equipped and comfortable to seamlessly handle your project in this way